When he was small, my youngest son had a habit of filling his pockets with treasures he encountered in his daily adventures. I didn't always understand the value he saw in his chosen objects -- really, how many rocks and sticks could one boy keep? In his eyes, though, each one was beautiful and important. Life is just like that on a larger scale, isn't it? We gather up the precious bits of our experiences and save them all to learn from and enjoy later. Perhaps you'll find a little something here that you'd like to keep in your own pockets. Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Turning ten

Ten years ago, as I gently cradled my brand new, beautiful first-born son in my arms, I was filled with a deep and instant love and an incredible sense of wonder. I marvelled at his ten tiny toes, his soft, sweet-smelling skin, the way his little baby fingers curled so snugly around mine. I wondered how this precious little being would change my life, and more importantly, where the coming years would take him as I helped him make his way through the big, wide world.

In the ten years that have passed since Noah was born, my life has become better in profoundly meaningful ways, and the path he has thus far taken through the big, wide world has been a source of delight for all of us. I've marvelled at Noah's endless curiosity and the way his mind so deeply ponders the many ideas that interest him. His gentle heart has made him a caring son, brother, and friend, and I've appreciated his calm, thoughtful approach to life's more difficult situations. I've laughed along with Noah and his marvelous sense of humour, shared in his enthusiasm for his many creative projects, and have been amazed by his great drive and determination to try new adventures and to succeed in whatever he puts his mind to. Ten years have been filled with tens of millions of moments where I've looked at this wonderful boy and felt as though I might burst with happiness. I never could have imagined ten years ago that I could ever feel so proud.

As Noah enters the double-digit numbers in age tomorrow, I marvel at the fact that it has already been ten years since I first held him in my arms, and my heart is once again filled with deep love and an incredible sense of wonder when I think about what a confident, bright, engaging, accomplished, and kind young man he has grown into. I am awed by the remarkable good fortune that smiled down on me the day he came into the world.

Happy tenth birthday, Noah! May the coming years return to you tenfold the joy you bring to all those who know and love you.

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