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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

20+ Great Gift Ideas for Boys

I love choosing Christmas gifts for Noah and Will each year.  While I know that gifts like Lego sets and video games will always be a big hit with both of them, I really enjoy searching for other interesting ideas, too, ones that will give the boys opportunities to try new things and develop many sides of their personalities.  It's always a wonderful feeling when the boys are excited about and have a lot of fun with something new that I've found for them.

Today I thought I'd share a list of great toys, games, books, and other items with anyone else trying to find something special for boys this holiday season. Most of the items pictured below are ones that have been well-loved by Noah and Will over the years; a few are things that we've seen just recently that look really intriguing.  While I say this is a list of gift ideas for boys (because I've seen the positive reactions my two have given to these items), I'm sure many girls would also very much enjoy them!

For imagination and adventures

Hand-made personalized superhero cape

Real walkie-talkies

Lite Hawk II RC helicopter

For thinking and problem solving

Perplexus puzzle ball

Crazy Campers brainteaser puzzle

For constructing and experimenting

Lego Mindstorms

Electronic Snap Circuits


For outdoor fun

Zipfy sled

Ogosport mini disk pack

Z-Curve archery set

For reading enjoyment

The Templeton Twins Have an Idea by Ellis Weiner
(This excellent book was a recent favourite of Will's and mine.)

The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens
(Noah really enjoyed this book and has the recently-released sequel, The Fire Chronicle, on his wish list.)

Take a peek at previous posts in my "A bookworm's breakfast" section for many other great book suggestions.

For fun family game nights

Apples to Apples Jr.

Look here for titles and descriptions of several other games that our family loves.

For artistic creativity

Klutz Thumb Doodles Book

Hypotrochoid art set

Homemade Christmas crayons  (Find complete instructions for this easy craft here.)

For small surprises

Gingerbread or Chocolate Candy Cane Soap 

(These delightful soaps are all natural and handmade by Jenn [From The Blue House With Love], a fellow blogger whom I was very glad to meet at the Blissdom Canada conference I attended back in October.  Jenn makes a variety of gentle and wonderful smelling soaps that would make lovely gifts for everyone in the family.) 

Lego speech bubbles

Star Wars light-up toothbrushes  (available at Walmart)

If you choose any of these gifts for the boys you know and love, I hope they will bring them smiles and hours of enjoyment!  I'd also love to hear your ideas for cool gifts -- please let me know what your boys' favourite things are in the comments section below.  :)

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