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Monday, March 7, 2016

Easter Basket Ideas for Tween/Teen Boys

They may be big kids now, but even tween- and teenaged boys appreciate a basket of fun surprises to hunt for on Easter morning. Here's a collection of ideas the Easter Bunny might like for the growing (and growing and growing!) boys in your house this year.

First row

Finger scooters: These tiny versions of real scooters are similar to Tech Deck finger skateboards, and are fun for guys who like to perform cool tricks with a quick flip of the hand.

Surf Sweets jelly beans: Made without artificial colours or flavours, and free of the ten most common allergens, these bright beans are a sweet Easter treat for kids of all ages.

Illuminating bands: Keep your tween/teen boys visible and safe with an LED slap band that can easily be worn on an arm or an ankle while kids are biking, walking, running, or skateboarding after dark.

Nike Elite basketball socks: According to my teen, these are the best socks ever for their comfort and performance. Many colour variations are available at sporting goods stores, and the Nike outlets in the States sometimes have cool patterned ones, too. (Noah wore a circuit-board patterned pair for good luck on the final day of his robotics competition this past weekend, and he and his team won the final and a spot at the World Championships in St. Louis in April! Definitely good socks.)

Second row

Colourful airplane-making paper: Give your tweens and teens who like to fold and fly paper airplanes a large assortment of paper patterns to work with. Instructions for four different plane styles are included; you can also find many design concepts with folding directions online.

Aerobie superdisc: This soft rimmed disc is an aerodynamic flyer and easy to use for players of all skill levels. Tossing it around with some buddies in a yard or a park is a fun way for guys to spend time being active outdoors.

Unique puzzle cubes: Tweens and teens who are familiar with Rubik's cubes might enjoy the challenge of other unique cube designs, ones that shift shape when turned and have interesting colour patterns. The inequilateral cube pictured above is only one of many available options for keeping your puzzle-solvers' brains sharp.

Third row

Precision screwdriver set: This is a very useful little gift for guys who like to tinker with electronics, or for those who wear glasses. You never know when the need for a small screwdriver might arise!

Drawstring gym bag: These handy nylon bags make carrying gym clothes to and from school or extra-curricular activities a cinch. (They're also useful for keeping smelly socks contained after a workout!)

Dark chocolate bunny: All-natural dark chocolate bunnies are a great choice for tweens and teens with food sensitivities. I've found the Barkley's one pictured above online; many health food stores carry dark chocolate bunny options, too.

Thing Explainer book (Complicated Stuff in Simple Words): A goldmine for guys who are interested in how things work, this book explains complex concepts using only drawings and the 1,000 most common words in the English language. Thing Explainer has kept my teen fascinated for hours.

Fourth row

Movie gift card: Make it easy for your tween or teen to enjoy a movie of his choice (without having to ask you for money!) by tucking a gift card to a local cinema in his Easter basket.

Waterproof notepad: Does your tween or teen claim to get his best ideas in the shower? This waterproof notepad, stuck to a shower wall, will make sure that he always has somewhere to write down those great ideas before they vanish.

Hacky sack:  Easy to throw in a backpack and take out anywhere, hacky sacks provide quick entertainment for tweens and teens who are looking for something active to do either alone or with a group.

If the Easter Bunny wants to be especially fun, he'll hide the baskets in almost impossible to find spots this year, just so your tween/teen boys realize that they don't know everything. ;)

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