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Monday, September 12, 2011

A birthday story

Today is my birthday, a day when, every year, I'm joyfully reminded of something I've always known but don't always think about: I am truly blessed with a wonderful family. Earlier today, I was talking on the phone to my mom and dad, who called me to sing their annual "Happy Birthday" song in unison (aren't they so cute!?). My mom then told me a story about my earliest days that I thought was too sweet not to share, so she wrote it down and sent it for me to publish. Thanks, Mom, for this wonderful memory and for all the others you, Dad, and our whole family have left happily etched in my mind over the years.

It’s inevitable that when your child’s birthday rolls around, your thoughts return to that time of wonder and excitement!!! You remember everything that was going on at that time, all the little things that happened, and the people who were involved.

Today is my daughter Lisa’s 39th birthday. . . . (although I am not sure I should be mentioning her age!!) ;) The year that Lisa was born we were living in a big house with my father. About a week after we arrived back home from the hospital, I decided I wanted to go out shopping for a bit. I had every intention of taking her with me in her pram, but my dad said that he would love to watch her, and that I should just go alone and have fun! After being cooped up for a week in the hospital, and then at home, I jumped on the chance to get out, and took him up on his offer. I knew that my father would take excellent care of her for the short time I would be gone, so I took off merrily on my way!

I hadn’t thought to tell Dad where anything was, because, after all, we lived in the same house and I guess I just thought he would know! Diapers were important, but I thought their location was quite obvious in the large drawer right underneath her crib.

I don’t think I was gone very long, and when I returned I asked him if he had had any problems. He told me that everything had gone smoothly, but he hadn’t been able to locate her diapers. He didn’t let that stop him though! In his search he had found the pillowcases that I was using as bassinet sheets. He took one of those, and ever so carefully folded it to perfection to fit my tiny little girl!! Voila! Instant diaper! That’s just the way this wonderful man was.

My daughter Lisa has grown into an amazing woman, and has brought so much joy into our lives. She is everything one could hope for in a daughter. I can't help but think that this is largely in part because of the influence of my dad, and many of the other wonderful people in her life.

Happy Birthday Lisa!!!

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