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Friday, June 20, 2014

Really Good Rocket Pops (a gluten-free, dairy-free frozen treat)

Tomorrow is the summer solstice, and even though there is still one more week of school left for the boys, I can sense them already shifting into holiday mode these past few days as all of their commitments have started winding down.  There have been after-school swims in the pool, evenings spent in the backyard soaking up the long-lasting sunshine while laughing and playing sports, and requests for frosty treats to help them cool off.

I love making my own freezer pops for our family to enjoy in the warmer weather, and it's become a fun project for me to come up with something new to try every year.  This summer's creation is inspired by a long-time favourite food among kids:  nut butter and banana and/or jam sandwiches.  I combined natural almond butter, almond milk, and bananas for one creamy frozen layer, and frozen cherries and berries with a bit of fruit juice for another.  Pouring these yummy mixtures, one on top of the other, into rocket-shaped molds results in a cheerful, no-sugar added freezer pop that kids (and grown-ups, too!) are sure to love.

I found the spaceship ice pop molds at Real Canadian Superstore (they're President's Choice brand, BPA-free, and super fun -- they even have a little astronaut molded into the stick!), but if you don't have President's Choice products near you, you can find a similar product made by Tovolo which is sold online on sites such as Amazon.

Really Good Rocket Pops

1 large frozen banana, broken into chunks
3 tbsp unsweetened almond milk
2 tbsp natural smooth almond butter
3/4 cup frozen PC Organics Power Fruit Blend
2 tbsp Kiju pomegranate cherry juice

Place the frozen banana chunks, almond milk, and almond butter in the jar of a blender (a Magic Bullet works well) and blend until smooth and creamy.  Carefully spoon this mixture into the rocket molds, dividing it evenly between the four of them.  Tap the bases of the rocket molds on the counter a few times to help the banana mixture settle nicely into them.

Wash out the blender jar, then add the frozen fruit and juice to it.  Blend to create a smooth and frosty fruit puree. Spoon the blended fruit over top of the banana mixture to fill up the rocket molds.  (Leave about a half an inch of empty space at the top of each mold to allow room for the handle.)  Set the handles in place, and place the rocket molds in the freezer for several hours, or until the pops are completely frozen. Pull the frozen rocket pops from the molds to serve.  (Running the molds very briefly under warm water helps to release the pops more easily if they seem stuck.)

If you aren't able to find the Power Fruit Blend and/or the Kiju pomegranate cherry juice in stores near you, you can easily substitute any frozen berry/cherry blend and/or apple juice in this recipe.  Either way, the combination of fruit and nut butter makes a healthy and delightful summer treat!

Are you looking for more delicious freezer pop recipes?  You might enjoy these banana split freezer pops, frosty fudge pops, or frosty fruit pops, too!  Happy summer.  :)

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