When he was small, my youngest son had a habit of filling his pockets with treasures he encountered in his daily adventures. I didn't always understand the value he saw in his chosen objects -- really, how many rocks and sticks could one boy keep? In his eyes, though, each one was beautiful and important. Life is just like that on a larger scale, isn't it? We gather up the precious bits of our experiences and save them all to learn from and enjoy later. Perhaps you'll find a little something here that you'd like to keep in your own pockets. Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A bookworm's breakfast - 5

From the time Noah and Will could talk (and believe me, sometimes it seems like they were born talking and haven't stopped since!), both of the boys have been like roving sponges, seeking out and soaking up every interesting bit of information they can find. They love to ask questions (so many questions!) and truthfully, I just don't have all of the answers they're looking for. When we're all stumped, we like to head to our bookshelves, or to those in the library or a bookstore, to find out something new and fascinating to us. There is a wonderful world of non-fiction books available out there (thank goodness!), and this week in A bookworm's breakfast I'd like to share some excellent, informative reads with you.

3-5 year olds: Exploring Space by Marie Kolaczek (a Firefly Explore Your World Book)

This intriguing book explains some of the vast complexities of outer space in a way that is manageable and highly appealing to younger readers. Children are able to become engaged in learning about planets, space shuttles, satellites and more by opening flaps, spinning discs, pulling tabs, and even peering through a paper telescope as they read. The vivid comic book style illustrations paired with realistic ones provide readers with an effective visual connection to the many facts presented in the text. Exploring Space is a wonderful introduction to our solar system, a subject that is often highly fascinating to young ones.

6-8 year olds: National Geographic Kids weird but true! 2

Were you aware that some worms can grow to 100 feet long, or that a line of all the Harry Potter books sold could circle the earth twice? Discover these and more than 300 other wacky facts in this very informative and engrossing book! Newly independent readers will appreciate the short snippets of text on each page, and the combination of bright illustrations and gorgeous National Geographic photography makes every fact come alive for them. This is a perfect book for all children who like to discover what is astonishing, wild, or just plain weird in the world (and then amaze their family and friends with their incredible knowledge!)

9-12 year olds: The Dangerous Book for Boys, Canadian Edition by Conn Iggulden and Hal Iggulden

(This week's 9-12 year old book recommendation was written by my 9 year old son, Noah, who is a walking encyclopedia and a very fine paper hat maker!)

For the Canadian boy who is 7 years old and up, this book is perfect. Learn how to make a battery, tripwire, pocketlight, go-kart, and the fastest paper airplane ever. Learn about and make secret inks, codes, and much more! Read the rules of soccer and lacrosse, countless hockey facts, and check out the pawprints of different animals. Believe it or not, that's just the beginning! Once you think you've done it all, take the challenge at the end of the book. Then, when you can check off everything, there you have it: you're now a Dangerous Boy. This non-fiction book is excellent for when you're bored-down-to-your-skull-absolutely-nothing-to-do-bored, and I have spent countless hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings reading this book, and on every night of the week. I had a blast making the paper hats in this book for Mom, Dad, Will and I. For any boys reading this, The Dangerous Book for Boys is your chance to become nearly legendary. (Thanks, Noah!)

The world is bursting with fascinating things to learn, and I'm very glad for these and many other wonderful non-fiction books that allow us to constantly fuel the boys' curiosity. I'd love to hear about the exciting discoveries your family has made lately!


  1. Lisa, I love your blog and am learning so much from your posts. But I have to tell you - this series is THE BEST! I ordered Weird but True for my 6-year old daughter and she's been carrying it around the house for days now, saying, "Did you know this" and "Did you know that"? What a great non-fiction treasure chest full of quick hits. Thanks again for a great lead!

  2. Hi Heather. I'm so happy to hear that your daughter is enjoying the Weird but True book -- it really is such a fascinating little read! I also truly appreciate your kind comments about my blog and love that you're enjoying the bookworm's breakfast series. Noah and Will and I will keep the book recommendations coming! :)