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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A bookworm's breakfast - 4

One of the things I love about watching the boys play is catching a glimpse of their vivid imaginations and their keen sense of adventure. In their minds they can dream up incredible escapades; they get to be anything, travel anywhere, and overcome any obstacle, free from the limits that their regular everyday life imposes on them. Some of the best children's books, I think, are the ones that appeal to this wonderful aspect of childhood. The three books highlighted in today's edition of A bookworm's breakfast are well-loved at our house for their imaginative content.

3-5 year olds: The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

This beautiful picture book tells the tale of a young boy who sets off on an impromptu aeroplane adventure. When his plane runs out of petrol and he is stranded on the moon in the dark, he strikes up an unexpected and enduring friendship with a Martian who has also run into trouble. Jeffers' moving text appeals to every young child's desire to feel safe and loved, and his imaginative illustrations complement the story perfectly. Readers who delight in this book will also enjoy Jeffers' other tales about the young boy, including How to Catch a Star and Lost and Found.

6-8 year olds: Book of Big Brothers by Cary Fagan

Brothers make perfect partners when it comes to having adventures. In this text-rich picture book suitable for children in the primary grades, Fagan realistically portrays the ups and downs of brotherhood from the perspective of a boy who is the youngest brother of three. Readers will be enthralled with the comical antics and wild schemes of the the boys in the story, and they will also be touched by the affection and loyalty the brothers show to each other in their own ways. The Book of Big Brothers is sure to bring laughter and good feelings to any boy who knows from his own life what it's like to be a brother.

9-12 year olds: Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce

(Noah has been inundated with writing projects for school this week, so he's letting me write this edition's 9-12 year old book recommendation. He did, however, give an enthusiastic thumbs up to this book and suggested it as this week's choice!)

Having a chance to travel to outer space is surely an adventure many imaginative children dream of, and in Cosmic, Cottrell Boyce spins a captivating tale about what that experience could be like. Liam Digby is an unusually tall twelve year old boy who sees an opportunity in a contest for grown-ups that offers space travel as its prize; all he has to do to win it is convince people he is the greatest dad ever. Readers will cheer for Liam as he fibs his way to a place on the secret rocket mission, and will be riveted by the book's exciting, suspenseful, comical and sometimes moving scenes. For 9-12 year olds who are interested in technology, Cottrell Boyce's descriptions of futuristic amusement park rides, giant television walls, and a journey through space will certainly have great appeal.

When your children are ready to wind down from their own thrilling daytime adventures, I hope they'll enjoy curling up with one of these wonderfully creative books.

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  1. The Way Back Home is one of our favorites!
    I love children's books :)